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Welcome to the websites of Brno violinmaking atelier Bursik, in the world of two-generation Brno violinmakers specialised in making of master violins, violas and cellos, restorations and repairs of the instruments including rehairing of bows and other violinmaking activities.

The Five-stringed violin “Milanolo” 2013

The idea of creating a five-stringed violin emerged from the special cooperation of Bursik violin studio with the virtuoso Milan Pala, thus combining three master luthiers and a musician masterfully controlling both the violin and the viola. Milan Pala, with his unique interpretation and a brilliant range of playability on violin and viola, was an inspiration for the creation of a unique instrument that bears his name – “Milanolo”.

The high difficulty of mastering the playability of this instrument, both physical and mental, is changing in the hands of Milan, in the pure art and pleasure beyond the current form of classical music. This instrument allows the soloist in previously unimaginable ways to expand the repertoire of compositions and play pieces at the same time designed for violin, viola and even violoncello. Unprecedented possibilities of the five-stringed violin also bring an incomparable yet unheard experience to the music composers and, of course the listeners who may at the same time enjoy the interconnection of the sound qualities of violin and viola.

More information about five-stringed violin Milanolo in the Instruments

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